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Our innovative mobile, container-based modular steam explosion processing system (patent pending) has been designed to accommodate the demands of our partners to effectively and economically produce low carbon energy utilising agri-waste products including bagasse, energy crops and green waste.



Mostex was set up in 2019 by six founders, who have many decades of experience in the biomass sector. The company remit was to design a technological solution that would address both the corrosive nature of agri-feedstock’s chemistry and its problematic handling, enabling this agri-waste to be monetised.

The innovative modular unit designed by Mostex is built around existing steam explosion technology.  It is not the same as pyrolysis or torrefaction and does not use chemicals. The result of the Mostex process is to remove most of the undesirable elements in the raw material thereby bringing it into the standardised fuel envelopes for electricity and heat generation. 

The  Mostex process produces a “pulp” that can be made into pellets ('the Mostex Pellet'), briquettes or powder for use by biomass power generators.  Tests carried out on bagasse, rice straw and Arundo Donax have confirmed that the Mostex Pellet is a clean, low carbon, efficient, high-energy fuel that can be sold to end users at lower prices than industrial white wood pellets.   The efficacy of these tests has been approved by leading industry experts.

The innovative design of the Mostex unit also means that it can be utilised as an autonomous unit providing local energy solutions and CHP to communities where access to national energy supplies is limited and often non-existent.



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