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Built into a 40' shipping container, each Mostex Reactor Assembly is capable of processing 100,000 tonnes of raw material per year.



As a steam exploded “black” pellet, the Mostex pellets are waterproof, low in fines with high durability and can be produced to higher calorific value than a white wood pellet, delivering both technical and commercial advantages. Unlike white pellets, Mostex pellets do not require expensive storage silos and fire suppression infrastructure. 

Bagasse Pellets 2 250122.jpg


The processed bagasse was pelletised and sent for independent analysis.  This showed a highly durable pellet (over 98%) with improved bulk density and significant reductions in chlorine, nitrogen and sulphur levels.  Crucially for pellets made from agricultural waste, ash deformation was higher than 1500oC meaning no ash melt in the boiler system.


A combustion report was also commissioned  by Mostex with the following conclusion:

“The purpose of washing and steam exploding this material before pelletising is to produce a fuel where some of the problematic aspects of burning raw bagasse in a combustion plant have been reduced or eliminated. Our conclusion from the available information clearly points to this having been achieved when it comes to slagging, fouling and corrosion. We would expect that operational costs for dealing with slagging and fouling will be significantly reduced after a fuel switch. The combustion behaviour would be expected to be similar to commercial white wood pellets, potentially with improved combustion stability due to the increase in reactivity

expected from the steam explosion treatment.”

Both the pellet analysis and combustion report are available upon request.

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